32nd Int’l filmfest for children, youth announces regulations, call for entries

The 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth has announced its regulations and call for entries aims to enhancing the cinematic products of this age bracket and introducing the top works in national and international arenas.

According to 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth’s news headquarters of,

The International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults (ICFF) is organized annually by the Iranian Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs, Farabi Cinema Foundation and the Municipality of Isfahan. The 32nd  edition of this prestigious event will be held in the historic city of Isfahan from August 19th to 26th, 2019.

The festival aims to promote ethical values such as family unity, appropriate  lifestyle, respect for humanity, self-esteem, social responsibility, environmental protection and it also seeks to create awareness of th uprising future challenges.

Main Objectives:

  1. Showcasing quality national and international films and works for children and young adults
  2. Creating a platform for the presence of professionals and cineastes active in the cinema industry for children and young adults
  3. Boosting collaboration and production of films for children and young adults by creating interaction among creators, experts and the audience
  4. Promoting knowledge transfer and exchange of products of high artistic value, capable of contributing to cultural and social growth



  1. Feature Films
    1. Best Script Award
    2. Best Director Award
  • Best Film Award
  1. Best Animation Award
  2. Special Jury Award
  1. Short Films
    1. Best Fictional Film Award
    2. Best Animation Award
    3. C) CIFEJ Award (International Center of Films for Children and Young People)

An international jury consisting of two Iranian and one International member appointed in coordination with the rules & regulations of CIFEJ, will award the Best Feature Film and offer an Honorary Diploma to a short film (fiction or animation).

  1. D) Special Award – International Section

A group of international children and young jurors selected by the Festival’s Administration office will award the Golden Butterfly to the Best Feature Length Film.


  1. Feature Films
    1. Best Actor Award
    2. Best Script Award
  • Best Director Award
  1. Best Film Award
  2. Best Animation Award
  3. Special Jury Award
  1. Short Films
    1. Best Fictional Film Award
    2. Best Animation Award
  2. Fiction Films
    1. Best Script Award
    2. Best Director Award
  • Best Feature Film Award

In this edition of the festival, the director will grant special awards to the films focusing on innovative ideas, cultural consistency and those with business potentials. It is noteworthy to mention, “Cultural Consistency” refers to a film’s capacity to enter into adjacent markets and industries, turning them into a combination of cultural works.


  1. Web Series Production Award

Due to the growth of Social Media Networks and the effort to grow the production of domestic content for children and young adults as a national mission, in this edition of the festival a special section is dedicated to the production of Web Series.

  1. Behnam Mohammadi Award (Cinema of Resistance)

In this section, the golden trophy of the first young martyr of the imposed war on Iran (Holy Defense) is dedicated to a producer or director of a film focusing on themes such as sacrifice, resistance and Islamic values.

  1. Special Award- Iranian Jurors

A group of Iranian children and young jurors selected by the Festival’s Administration office will award the Golden Butterfly to the Best Feature Length Film.

  1. Zaven Ghokasian Special Award

In this section, a panel of jurors consisting of film critics, cultural and cinematic activists and cineastes from Isfahan (selected by the festival office), will offer the Best Film Award in the Iranian cinema section.

  1. Special Screenings

In this non-competitive section, several films of prominent filmmakers or a collection of feature films with a common theme selected by the Festival Director  will be showcased.

  • Jury Members
    • An independent panel of Jury members for the international and national competition sections comprising of at least 5 prominent filmmakers, producers and cineastes will be selected by the Festival Director .
    • Jury members shall not have any contribution to selected works in the competitive sections.
    • A representative introduced by the Festival Director will attend the jury sessions without any voting right.
    • Terms and Conditions for Admission:
  • Films will be selected by independent selection committees with the supervision of the Festival Director
  • All films submitted should be suitable for children and young adults
  • Only films produced after January 2017 are eligible for submission
  • Short films should not be longer than 15 minutes and feature length films should not be less than 75 minutes
  • Films should not have been screened in the previous editions of the ICFF
  • A maximum of two feature length films from each country and three feature length films from Iran shall be selected for competition sections
  • All films that will be screened in the festival competitive sections, will receive certificates of participation
  • The films will be screened in two different age groups : (5 to 12) and (12 to 16)
  • The Public Relations office of the festival will plan official press conferences and interviews with media partner agencies for the cast and crew of the selected films
  • In case of any shipment, all in-bound and out-bound costs shall be covered by the submitter/participant
  • Once the film has been selected and confirmed, the film cannot be withdrawn from the festival program
  • Participation in the festival implies acceptance of all aforementioned regulations
  • The deadline for the delivery of the hardcopy or link of selected movies is August 6th,2019
  • All Submissions Must Contain the Following:
  • Fully completed online entry form
  • A digital copy of the film with English subtitles shall be submitted before July 6th, 2019
  • Alternatively, submissions can be sent by mail, containing a copy of the completed entry form and the screener in mp4 file-format, labeled with the film’s title and director’s name
  • The director’s statement, biography, filmography, director’s photo, film poster, brochure, film sound tracks and at least 3 film stills shall be uploaded through the festival website
  • The English dialogue list of the film shall be sent via email along with the screener.
  • Acceptable Technical Formats:
  • Non-Encrypted DCP file with English subtitles (D-Cinema)
  • Video Compression Type: Jpeg2000
  • Video Bitrate: 250 Mb/s
  • Resolution: 2K (1.85:1 Flat; 1.89:1 Full Container; 2.39:1 Scope)
  • Frame Rate: 24/25 FPS
  • Sound: 5.1 Channels PCM OR 2.0 Channels (24 Bit/s, 48 KHz)
  • DCP Standard: SMPTE OR Interop
  • In special cases, based on previous agreement, one of the following formats can be accepted:
  • DPX
  • APPLE PRO-RES 4,4,4
  • Selection and participation in one of ICFF’s competitive sections entails unconditional acceptance of the festival rules & regulations. Only the producer, distributor or any authorized party of the film is entitled to submit the film.
  • The abovementioned regulations have been drawn up in both Persian and English languages. If problems of interpretation shall arise, the Persian version of the regulation will prevail.
  • The board of management of the ICFF is entitled to take decisions that are not foreseen in the above regulations and to modify them unders special circumstances.

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