32nd Int’l Children Film Festival opens in Isfahan

The opening ceremony of the 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth (IFFCY) was held in the Iran’s central city of Isfahan on Monday evening, August 19.

Several prominent figures, officials and guests were attending the ceremony that was held outdoors in Ghadir Park of Isfahan and anchored by a popular Iranian television and cinema actor, Pejman Bazeghi.

Some acclaimed Iranian filmmakers such as Marzieh Baroumand, Pouran Derakhshadeh and Abolfazl Jalili, Leili Rashidi, a popular Iranian actor, as well as members of Isfahan’s City Council.


Festival in commemoration of flood-affected children

The beginning part of the event was screening of an English-language video that depicted Iranian children welcoming audience of the IFFCY.

The children also commemorated their peers affected by the unprecedented flood that hit various parts of Iran in the last days of March and early April this year.

Then the message of Iran’s Minister of Culture Abbas Salehi was read out by the head of Isfahan’s Office of the Culture, Mohammad-Ali Ansari.

He praised the motto of the festival – Let’s make the dreams of the children affected by the flood come true– and described it a wise step toward strengthening the solidarity of the Iranian people, particularly at a time that the county is in need of unity more than before.


IFFCY in line with global development

He also praised the 32nd IFFCY for taking steps that are based on the developments of the world of technology, and in line with meeting the needs of the latest generation of children and young adults.

The developments in the structure of the IFFCY witness to “the meticulous approach and smartness of Iranian filmmakers that will no doubt bring about invaluable achievements for the children of the country, as well as a solid message of peace, humanitarian and spirituality for the world.”

The message was followed by the welcoming speech of the Director of the festival Alireza Tabesh addressed the audience, mostly comprised of children and young adults. He said that the coincidence of the opening of the event with a big religious festivity, known as Eid al-Ghadir, was a happy juncture. The director also welcomed all the audience, both Iranian and foreigners, wishing them memorable moments throughout the festival.


Isfahan honored to host IFFCY

The ceremony went on with a speech by the mayor of the historical city of Isfahan, Qudratollah Nowruzi, who expressed his gratitude for hosting the event as a major gathering of those who make efforts for children.

Noting the importance of such “unique” events, the mayor said that the festival is a golden opportunity for the filmmakers to contribute to awareness raising and a better society, as cinema is like a magic wand that can showcase the causes of a nation and affect the scope of vision of its audience.

The 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth will run until August 26 in Isfahan.

A number of foreign guests from 27 countries are attending the cinematic event with various parts, including feature, short films, web series, and animation.