Youth Film Making Olympiad of Iran opens in Isfahan

The third edition of the Youth Film Making Olympiad of Iran opened at the Isfahan branch of the Art Bureau on Saturday, the organizers announced.

The Olympiad is part of a program arranged every year on the sidelines of the 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth (IFFCY) in Isfahan.

The Olympiad, which will be running until August 21, has been launched as a special section for children aged between 9 and 16 to compete with their three-minute films.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the director of the festival, Alireza Tabesh, said that the organizers aim to discover young talents in filmmaking through this program.

Addressing the participants, he said, “The participation of famous filmmakers and cineastes will give you the chance to learn more from them and help you plan for your future wishes and dreams.”

Veteran animator Abdollah Alimorad and filmmakers Iraj Tahmasb, Puran Derakhshandeh, Abolfazl Jalili, Kambozia Partovi, Marzieh Borumand, Ali-Akbar Qazinezam and Vahid Nik-Khah Azad will share their knowledge and experiences with the participating children during the Olympiad.

In his brief words, Alimorad also told the participants that learning animation does not mean that they will become professional animators.

“We intend to grow your talents. If you are deeply in love with this art you will surely reach the highest levels, since doing animation is a difficult job,” he added.

Borumand recommended the participants to read more books. “Any individual who reads books will be much more successful in a job he or she would choose in the future. Turning into good people with high morality is much more important than only becoming big filmmakers when you grow up,” she asserted.