Children’s film elites honored at International Film Festival for Children and Youth

The 32nd Int’l Film Festival for Children and Youth in Iran honors Mahin Javaherian and Maryam Saadat.

The 32nd edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth (ICFF) in Iran has honored veteran actress Maryam Saadat and animator Mahin Javaherian for their lifetime achievements in children’s cinema.

Top animator Mahin Javaherian and actress Maryam Saadat, who also has a long career in puppet theater, were honored for their lifetime achievements in children’s cinema during the 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Isfahan on Friday.

Speaking at the honoring ceremony, the director of the festival, Alireza Tabesh, said, “These two artists have devoted their lives to children.”

“They both love Iran and it is obvious in their works. Ms. Javaherian, I admire your works for their Iranian identity, color and taste,” he added.

Leili Rashidi, who co-starred with Saadat in “Tabeta Tales”, director Marzieh Borumand’s popular 1994 TV series, said that she is proud of working with the veteran actress in the series and several puppet shows.

“You can’t imagine how deeply we are all indebted to Ms. Saadat for her work in children’s cinema,” director and actor Seyyed Javad Hashemi said and added, “I wish our children had the opportunity to know her.”

Accepting the award, Saadat humbly said that she didn’t deserve the award.

“Aging doesn’t mean you are experienced, your work and activities should show that. However, I accept the award to overwhelm the tiredness I have suffered from the 40 years of work in this field,” she said.

Receiving the award, Javaherian thanked her husband and friends and said, “I really love the children of my country and I love working for them.”

According to the 32nd ICFF website, the event aims to enhance the cinematic products of this age bracket and introduce the top works in national and international arenas.

The festival aims to promote ethical values such as family unity, appropriate lifestyle, respect for humanity, self-esteem, social responsibility, environmental protection and it also seeks to create awareness of the uprising future challenges.

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