Announcing the titles of teenagers journalists training workshops

This period’s training workshops of the festival will be held from Monday the 3rd of October to the 13th of this month For teenager reporters in various sections and in Isfahan media academy.

The topics of this workshop are as below which are holding everyday:

  •   The basics of news and news writing skills Interview techniques
  •   Photography and content production by mobile   acquaintance with the basics and cinematic expressions
  •   Creativity and Ideation
  •   Media literacy and media representation
  •   Streaming techniques and commercials
  •   techniques of film criticism and analysis
  •  podcast Creation and news report”

The teachers of these workshops are

  •  Mehri Mosaver
  •  Behnaz Abedi
  •  Reza Amini
  •  Ehsan Amini
  •  Hossein kalhor
  •  Seyed saeed hosseini
  •  Omid Toghiani
  •  Ehsan Abdipour and Younes Shadlou.