The director of public culture council: Performing the children’s exploration “Children towards the summit” in the whole country.

“Seyyed Majid Emami” the director of public culture council, announced, the fundamental and periodical approach to the public culture are from advantages of the current period of council and educative growth of the children and youth in ” three institutions of family, school and Mosque” is counted among the priorities of cultural system of country. Based on this, the strategic slogan for the world’s children’s day in this year coincides with  Mehr 16th (October 18th) in Iran, and regarding the importance of children’s language effectiveness specially in  the media and advertisements with reliance on thinking system of the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution,” children towards the summit” is chosen to not only mention the general happiness of the society, movement and growth with relying on the history full of epics and the bright future of the country and hope of development is institutionalized in the public’s mind.

He also added: In informing others for attracting brokers, influencers and social and economical activists and families, etc. Among the slogan ” children towards the summit” let’s emphasize on the concept of ” better childhood, better life”

Emami in terms of  discourse making for transcendental concepts responsibility by country’s and state’s public culture council: It’s necessary to put this content slogan aligned  with cultural potentials of the country, as the main guide for advertisement and cultural plannings to nurture the self belief and motivation and the desire for development in children.