Puppets and Butterflies

The presence of puppet movies in the Iranian cinema in the last 34 period of the festival of children and youth has been accompanied with the success of so many films. Films like “Safar -e Jadui”, “Once upon a time”, ” Thief of dolls”, “Nokhodi” etc.

Puppets in some of these movies like “Golnar”, “Tarzan va Tarzaan” illustrate animal characters but in some other films like “Kolah Ghermezi” animal characters exist.
The most famous of the puppets had been those with specific coloring and independent identity like the puppets of “City of Mice” which had diffetent personalities but in other movies there were less famous puppets that didn’t have any specific features and they have soon been forgotten like the ones in the movie” the Thief of Dolls”.

One of the criteria to determining the destiny of puppet films is their television background. For example the puppets of “Kolah Ghermezi ” and “City of mice”.
The relationship between children and puppets is a loving relationship, girls often play more with their dolls as they are affected by these movies. Perhaps they have motherly feelings towards these objects. Young boys love the dolls like their future children.

These two groups talk to their dolls and whisper their feelings and excitements in their ears. Child actors grow over time and can no longer play the roles they played before, but puppets always have the same look and keep their innate sweetness and attraction.