Int’l Children filmfest announces call for entries to select the youth journalists

The 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth has announced call for entries for selecting the youth journalists in central Province of Isfahan.

According to the festival’ news headquarters, the festival has prepared special programs for the youth in this international prestigious cinematic event.

This program is aimed at identifying the talented youth, utilizing the creativity of children and adolescents for organizing the festival and fostering the cultural and artistic roots of children and the youth.

The interested young teens (14-16 years old) should refer to to register their names in this program from 6-10 July, 2019.

The Applicants will be selected after taking a test and conducting an interview. For more information please call +983135544112-8.

Presided by Alireza Tabesh, the 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth is slated to be held in Province of Isfahan on Aug 19-26, 2019 in the national and international sections.