27 Ideas Chosen for Competition at the 4th Youth Filmmaking Olympiad of Iran

27 ideas selected to compete at the 4th Youth Filmmaking Olympiad of Iran were announced. The Selection Committee chose these ideas from among 439 works submitted by Iranian young adults inside the country, according to the 33rd ICFF Public Relations Office. The titles are as follows:

  1. “Painting Competition” by Salar Montazeri from Yazd
  2. “Forty-Five” by Nima Ghadimi from Parand
  3. “The Sound” by Seyyed Mehdi Mousavizadeh from Khomeini-shahr
  4. “Goodbye Corona” by Mehdi Goli from Tabriz
  5. “Daddy’s Girl” by Ma’soumeh Tutakhaneh from Maragheh
  6. “Incredible” by Kiarash Najafzadeh from Mashhad
  7. “The Mask” by Fatemeh Ghadiri from Khomeini-shahr
  8. “Swollen Wrath” by Pouria Kashi from Dorcheh Piaz
  9. “Rasta’s Birth” by Kasra Alizadeh from Ardabil
  10. “On-line” by Mohaddeseh Bazmi from Bandar Abbas
  11. “Internet Problems and Potentials” by Marzieh Esma’ili from Tehran
  12. “The Station” by Sahar Khani from Khomeini-shahr
  13. “The Elevator” by Arefeh Ja’fari from Meybod
  14. “The Neighbor” by Arefeh Fallah from Meybod
  15. “The Sandwich” by Mohammad-Sadra Jamali Pileroud from Karaj
  16. “History Class” by Karen Jamal Omidi from Lahijan
  17. “Dream House” by Amin Azizi from Ardabil
  18. “Free Fire, Me and Mommy” by Danial Mizani from Kerman
  19. “Simorgh” by Alireza Fathi from Hamedan
  20. “This is Babak” by Hossein Shegaleh from Tehran
  21. “The Top” by Bita Behjou from Dezfoul
  22. “The Twelve” by Amir-Abbas Khalesifar from Joghatay
  23. “Two Dummies” by Seyyed Ali Ghazipour from Joghatay
  24.  “Selfish” by Kasra Roshanfekr from Sabzevar
  25. “Self-Destruction” by Yasin Izi from Sabzevar
  26. “Pencil Car Wash” by Narges Farzaneh from Sabzevar
  27. “Delicious Wedding” by Mehdi Fakhri from Mashhad

Due to the outbreak of the new Corona Virus, based on the multilateral agreement made by the Iranian Cinema Organization, Farabi Cinematic Foundation and Isfahan Municipality, this edition of the festival will be held virtually from October 18 to 23, 2020 under the supervision of Alireza Tabesh.

The Festival will be organized in a competitive format in two different sections; Iranian Cinema Competition and International Cinema Competition.