Cinema ground for int’l talks, peace: Iranian Festival director

Director of the 32nd edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth (IFFCY), Alireza Tabesh said that cinema make the countries closer together and set the ground for dialogue and peaceful relations between them.

Tabesh who was addressing the foreign guests of the festival said that we would like to applaud the children and young adults who are in our gathering.

The feast was held on Thursday evening in a historical house in the Iran’s central city of Isfahan.

“I would like to welcome all guests of the 32nd IFFCY from 27 countries who are accompanying us in the cradle of Iran’s art and literature, Isfahan,” he said.

“Tonight, you are hosted in a historical house in Isfahan that is turned into the museum of contemporary arts. At the festival, the few early days of which has been passed and a few more is ahead us, we are discussing the cinema of children and the youth, co-production and the related intellectual issues. I hope that the cooperation continues in the future and reach gain achievements. Cinema closes our countries to each other and set the stage for talks and peace,” he said.

The guests visited Isfahan’s museum of contemporary arts.

The 32nd IFFCY (August 19-26) is underway in the Iranian historical city Isfahan. Beside the local experts and filmmakers, it hosts some 78 foreign guests from 27 countries.