My hero and a narration about the most bitter event of the decade 

The meeting concerning “My heroe” movie directed by Morteza Atash zamzam with presence of the film’s agents and the performance of Saeid Eslam Zadeh was held.

The director during meeting said : after the coronavirus outbreak I got to think there’s a need for me to make a film about this issue so I quarantined myself and wrote it during the corona pandemic. All the elements in the film have objectives in turn, in many cities we have observed some samples of what has been shown in the film . In consideration to this fact that this film is about the most sorrowful event of the decade Atash Zamzam added : our effort among all the sorrows was to show that we have to be more grateful against each other. Nikou Heshamt the actor of this film claimed :  I have had such a good experience in this film. Before the film I had been in village and the atmosphere wasn’t strange for me. Sepideh Mazaher the other actor of the film said : Children’s festival has a  strange sense. At the 11th festival I was a part of jury and I’m happy to be present again in this festival. She stressed : the name of the film cuts dash on it , Atash Zamzam bravely produced this work during coronavirus , our passion through the work could help us do it. Showing tradition, culture and heritage in this film is precious.