Promoting Iranophobia with the presence of 39 countries failed.

Seyyed Amir Sam’e, the head of the council in 104th Islamic  meeting of Isfahan which took place on the 16th of Mehr (8th of October), said: these days we are observing the holding of festival of children and youth films which is held in the city of Isfahan. More than 40 countries have participated in this festival and  children and youths are acting as juries and interviewers.

Kamal Heidari, cultural deputy of mayor stated: the coordination of this festival is the result of joint cooperation of Isfahan and Farabi Cinema Foundation. We are observing the children’s festival in Isfahan and we appreciate the martyrs’ sacrifices.

Majid Zeinolabedin the festival director stated: the festival of children and youth is rated A which has taken place 23 time in Isfahan. From 559 works of art submitted, 200 films from Iran and 39 other countries are chosen and shown. Simultaneously, the Film Olympiad is being held.

Meysam Baktashian, the executive director of the festival stated: the anthem of the festival in this period is one of the distinct features of the event.

Two mobile cinemas are present in Isfahan for the purpose of showing movies in various districts. Also for the first time, there are activists, charities and institutions active in the area of helping and educating children and youth.